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C&K Aerospace Establishes its Leading Position in the Aerospace Market and Extends its Space Splice Product Range to Meet New Needs

Rémi Antoine By Rémi Antoine | June 23, 2022

With its leading position in manufacturing connectors for the Space market, C&K Aerospace acts daily to offer products and services adapted to the constraints of a harsh environment.

Our range of connectors and accessories, as well as our solution of Electrical Wiring Interconnect System (EWIS) are designed to meet our customers’ requirements and to be perfectly integrated into their applications. But beyond this offer and the perfect match with the requirements of space agencies and major contractors, we offer service and support to our customers through our knowledge and experience acquired over more than 40 years in space environment.

Our main products portfolio is Level 1 product grade. This quality level is mandatory for Government (Defense / Civil) and Commercial satellites. Our components are certified by space agencies who demonstrate that connector systems satisfy technical and safety requirements.

Approvals are additionally required which are confirmed by the relevant government agencies with a certification mark.

“New Space” Market, for Commercial constellations with a cost reduction objective, requires a different reflection, relying mainly on larger production volumes and less restrictive specifications.

Even if the volumes of products are large, they do not reach quantity levels equivalent to industrial or automotive needs. Moreover, even if the specifications are less restrictive, the quality and requirements related to spatial use remain high.

Based on this observation and wishing to meet the needs of our customers, we have been working on “Engineering Model” specifications.

It perfectly suits the customer request for “New Space” use. We build on the basics of ESA/ESCC certified connectors, but with deviation about control inspection: same components, same process, same assembly plant but only control inspection by sampling instead of 100%.

This reduces costs, while ensuring security for our customers.

Our complete products portfolio can be supplied with this “Engineering Model” quality grade.

We are also developing and expanding our offering to fit perfectly with the need of the Space market.

The perfect example is our Space Splice.

Our Space Splice series has become a standardized solution to replace hand splice process, with a wires to wires connecting solution. It allows you to connect 2 wires using D*MA crimpable and removable contact technology and designed to accept the most commonly used gauges.

The series is growing with 3 new variants certified by ESA under ESCC 3401/097 specification.

  • ESCC 3401/097/01B one way variant

             Wires to Wires connecting solution

  • ESCC 3401/097/02B RA3014 4 ways variant

             Wires to Wires connecting solution

             Floating or possibility of fixing the insulator using 2 through holes

  • ESCC 3401/097/02B AA3015 4 ways variant

             Wires to wires connecting Solution

             Use to pass through panels

Space Splice Datasheet

This series is useful to connect electrical components with limited number of wires (thermistors, heaters…). You can create your own connector where the space is limited. Or it allows you to repair harnesses at a lower cost, because there is no longer any need to redo complete wiring.

You have reduced labor time and cost saving benefit by replacement of manual splices by standard solution.


Main benefits:

  • One way or 4 ways connector for linking 2 wires with removable contacts
  • Cost saving by replacement of manual splices by standard solution
  • Easy to use
  • ESA/ESCC 3401/097 Certified Product
  • Compact format and designed to accept the most popular gauges (AWG 20 to AWG30)
  • Low residual magnetism
  • Low degassing
  • High radiation and temperature resistance: PEEK material


Space Splice series is the perfect example of success story resulting from a work exchange with our customers, a close link with government agencies.

Our product offer is part of this same innovation approach in order to find simple solutions adapted to your needs.


Download Space Splice Datasheet

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