Smart Card



Smart card connectors

C&K’s smart card connectors are EMV and PCI compliant, and offer full-size card card acceptance as well as SIM/SAM cards. All smart card connectors are compatible with lead free SMT reflow soldering processes. Full-size smart card connectors feature up to 500,000 cycles lifetime, while SIM/SAM models range from 30,000 to 50,000 cycles.  

Keeps Card Readers Going

C&K’s reliable smart card connectors include low profile designs, fixed and hinged covers, and card detection sealed switches for a wide variety of applications.


  • payment transactions (credit and debit cards)
  • identification (health, social security)
  • vending machines
  • metering transactions
  • handheld products (POS systems on mobile devices)
  • digital satellite receivers (GPS systems)
  • digital set-top boxes (satellite TV)
Type Number of Contacts Mechanical Life Cycles Contact Plating
Full Size 8 Up to 600,000 cycles Gold
Full Size 8 500,000 cycles Nickel palladium and gold
Full Size 8 500,000 cycles Gold
SIM/SAM 6 or 8 Hinged cover 10,000 cycles min. Fixed cover 50,000 cycles Inlay or Gold
SIM/SAM 6 or 8 50,000 cycles Inlay
Full Size 6 or 8 50,000 cycles Inlay