C&K offers more than 55,000 standard products and 8.5 million switch combinations to companies that design, manufacture and distribute electronics products. Our high-quality, reliable switches are available in a variety of formats and styles, including tactile, pushbutton, keyswitch, detect, navigation, rotary, DIP, switch or key locks, toggle, miniature or power rocker, slide, snap acting and thumbwheel.

At C&K, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the largest amount of potential switch features on the market. From illuminated switches, to sealed switches, to switches that mount on the surface, or switches with a broad range of operating forces and lever styles – C&K ensures you find the right fit for your design. Follow the links below for more information.

Series Description


Detect switches in various sizes and shapes with different actuator types. Sealed, PCB and SMT mounting available.


SMD half pitch; Low profile, Standard profile; Side-actuated; SIP (Single-in-line package); DIP coded rotary

Miniature switches with travel greater than 0.7mm. Available with or without illumination and intended to be mounted on printed circuit boards.

Ultra-miniature, multi-directional SMT tact switches.

Extensive range of styles, from ultra-miniature to power for PCB, SMD and panel mount applications. Illuminated and sealed models available.

Miniature size up to power rockers for PCB, SMD and panel mount applications. Illuminated and sealed models available.

Multi-pole and multi-position models with variety of indexing options for low current to 12 amp applications. 1/2 inch version. Shorting and non-shorting contacts.

Ultra-miniature to power ratings, including voltage select switch. SMD, PCB and panel mount applications. Sealed option available.

Sub-miniature through metal case models. Electrical rating from low level to 30 Amps. Extensive variety of actuator and terminal configurations.

4 to 6 tumbler models for range of security requirements. Plastic and metal housings.

Miniature and ultra-miniature tact and dome switches for printed circuit board mounting.

Tiny to miniature for snap-in front mounting or behind panel applications. Illuminated models available.

Broad range of solutions, from ultra-miniature size product for low level switching up to industrial grade power toggles. SMD, PCB and thru-hole models available. Sealed versions in many series.