UL is a world-recognized leader in product safety testing and certification, offering a range of services in 104 countries. The UL Client Test Data Program enables organizations equipped with a suitable laboratory quality program, along with the necessary physical resources, equipment, qualified personnel and procedures, to conduct specified tests using their own facilities.

The C&K Product Performance Laboratories have met the strict UL assessment criteria and are certified to participate in the UL Client Data Test Program for UL 61058 standards and to the requirements of ISO 17025. Participation in this program enables C&K to conduct product testing in its own laboratories, submitting the data to UL and thereby streamlining the UL certification process by integrating it into the C&K product development process.

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Includes ANSI/UL 61058-1 and ANSI/UL 1054 (UL File No. E42363)

  • WHAC.E42363 - Switches for Appliances
  • WHAC7.E42363 - Switches for Appliances Certified for Canada
  • WOYR2.E42363 - Switches, Appliance and Special Use - Component
  • WOYR8.E42363 - Switches, Appliance and Special Use Certified for Canada - Component


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