Automotive Switches

Switches for Automotive Applications

Transforming switch technology to tomorrow’s automotive vision

With over 90 years of expertise, C&K provides the largest range of switch solutions to the existing HMI, Vehicle Access systems, and seats.

From standard components to value added modules, C&K will accompany your requirements to reach the desired performance

Combination of our existing know how and new technologies brings innovative solutions for the automotive of the future

- Innovative solutions enhancing user experience

-Customization services to reach the desired performance

-Largest switch range for design freedom

Automotive companies worldwide have come to rely upon C&K’s reliable, high-performance, high-quality switches to power their innovative applications and designs. Features such as tight product tolerances, haptic-on-demand, acoustical adaptation, environmental & process sealing and mechanical or electrical interface integration are the core values of automotive switching – and C&K is known for successfully delivering these to customers for more than 30 years.

C&K’s automotive switch portfolio includes four key areas:

-Human Machine Interface: steering wheel and column, start stop button, EPB, Sun visor, ADAS on/off, gear shifter paddle

-Vehicle Access System: covering latches and handles as well as keyfobs

-Comfort Seating and Motion: seat adjustment and seat positioning in the vehicle

-EV Charging Plugs: switch solutions for plug trigger on SAE and GBT standards

The company’s history of reliability and unmatched custom design capabilities make C&K the only choice for switches that can both withstand the harsh environment that modern vehicles represent and provide a strong foundation for design success.


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Certifications for the automotive industry:

       Dole,France    Huizhou,China   Hung Yen,Vietnam

IATF 16949      IATF 16949         ISO 9001

ISO 9001         ISO 9001            ISO 14001

ISO 14001       ISO 14001

ISO 50001       

Interior Controls Thumbnail

C&K offers a complete line of Tactile and Keyswitches for auto interiors.

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  • Middle Console
  • Steering Wheel & Column Switches
  • Overhead Console
  • Seat Adjustment

Access Management Thumbnail

C&K offers a complete line of Tactile, Keyswitches and Snap-acting switches for automotive applications.

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  • Keyfobs
  • Handles / Trunks
  • Latches

Powertrain (wire functions) Thumbnail

C&K offers a complete line of Tactile and Keyswitches for automotive applications.

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  • Gear Shifters
  • Electric Park Brake

Interior Detection Thumbnail

C&K offers a complete line of Tactile and Snap-acting switches for automotive applications.

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  • Interior Detection

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