On January 21, 1957, Charles A. Coolidge, Jr. and Marshall Kincaid came together to establish C&K Components, Inc. The company was originally a manufacturer of magnetic core memory units.

In the 1960s, C&K reorganized to produce miniature switches for the computer and electronics industry – and never looked back. The company was instantly successful because of its focus on customer needs and providing excellent service. 

By the mid-1990s, C&K had become one of the world’s leading switch manufacturers – and one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

The company’s success led it to being acquired by ITT Industries in the 2000s and eventually becoming ITT’s switch division, retaining the C&K name. In 2011, C&K acquired China’s Comax Industrial, helping to reinforce the global nature of the company’s operations and expand its design and manufacturing capabilities.

C&K has come a long way since those early days, but we’re still proud to uphold the approach of our founders by making sure every customer that works with us is truly satisfied. Today, that expectation of excellence means being able to obtain the perfect switch from C&K, or to work with us to custom-develop it. Customers still come first.

Here at C&K, we’re proud that the company is still going strong some 60 years after Coolidge and Kincaid decided to take a chance and follow their dreams. It is a testament to the great team members that have come through our doors that the company remains at the forefront of switch technology.

C&K is now part of Littelfuse, Inc.